Comic 58 - Dark Character 4

30th Oct 2010, 10:08 PM
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Dark Character 4
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Author Notes:

30th Oct 2010, 10:08 PM
A few days after I made the dark character, I made this. This time, I started with the sword, and got it right. :D (The only way I can ensure I get it right. Every. Time. Still true, to this day!)
Next came the hand. Nailed it! :P This was just essentially a polished up version of what I had drawn before. And for the most part, I did it rather nicely. ;) For example, he actually has eyes, and while not quite as sinister looking, his face is far from heroic.
(Besides, I never wanted this character to be flat-out villainous. "Dark Character" can mean "Anti-Hero" as well. Sure, I wanted a villain, but if I couldn’t make him a villain, an anti-hero would work just as well. Steve's brother fits somewhere between villain and antihero. Has a very flexible side. :P)

His boots have blades in them. He has spikes on his elbow and kneepads to do more damage. (As tempting as it may be to put shoulder spikes on armor, they are very rarely at the angle necessary to do damage. They look awesomely menacing, but serve no practical purpose. :P) His sword seems villainous, too. I forgot to put it in, but his sword was supposed to have the guard be slightly bent upward (you can see it best in two; it was accidentally lessened in 3 and eliminated here). He has spiky gems, sharp instead of something smoother. Heroic swords would have more circles and squares, instead of diamonds and triangles.
And note the sharp blade with its jagged points! (The 'worn down blade' effect is best shown in 2, the point in 3. This one was a bit…dull…by comparison. Oops. :P)

Look at his long, slender joints. Instead of a more muscular build, he is sharp, edgy, truly not the heroic type. Look at his sly hands, too, moving in such a foxy manner. And his armor! Black plates? Not to mention that worn crimson cape of his. Oh, and the belt! Who can forget the belt! What kind of hero wears that style, anymore? (…Don't answer that. Rhetorical! :P)
And his face. That face cannot be the heroic look most people are associated with! I mean, the proportions of it are clearly more darker! :P
The golden earring is not something most male heroes would have. Oh, and look at the shading under his eyes! I mean, maybe an extremely tired hero would look that way, but generally that’s different. And the eyebrows! The wicked smile! The hair, that smooth black hair with its jagged points! Oh, and how can we forget the scar! What kind of hero has a scar?!? (Actually, several, but good scars look different. ;) )
Not to mention, the shading. He clearly has more dark shading than light shading. Heroes tend to have dark shading, sure, for some realism, but they also have that light shading be far more dominant than on this guy! (I tried adding shading everywhere, but I found it far harder to do light shading than dark shading. Characters tend to have both, though naturally, darker shading seems more sinister, whereas the glow from any light source—light shading—looks more heroic. Most of the time. So, in an attempt to make him seem more realistic, I at least made him look a little more villainous. Not the intended effect, but a nice one, nonetheless. :) )

...Yeah. Now to the negative parts. I messed up in several ways. For starters, apparently this guy’s left handed. His left hand is forward, and he’s gripping the upper part of the sword with his left hand. Having actually held a sword, I know that it feels best to have your dominant hand (in my case, right) on top, and the other below it. It also applies to his stance, to some extent. Now, I can hack with either foot forward. However, for lunges, it feels far easier to have my right foot in front. This is due to the fact that it’s easier to draw characters this way, for me. Now, the hand I might be able to fix. Lower it down, and have the right be gripping it. The foot, I’m not sure I can fix, at least, not without having the character face left instead of facing right as he is currently. (I believe I did, later on.)

I also accidentally made the scar look ridiculous. >_< The one on 3 looks far better, doesn’t it? Also something on 3 better is the belt—I accidentally made the belt way, way too small. That’s because I was having trouble drawing the hips and such, and when I finally fixed it, I forgot to fix the belt. As I mentioned before, I accidentally made the blade look…well, not as good in this version as in previous drawings. It certainly was correct proportionately, but appearance-wise, it looked less pleasing. For example, the diamond’s too large. Also, see the curve above the diamond? It’s curved the wrong way. That’s a heroic curve. Curving downwards is a more villainous look, so I screwed up there.

While I’m proud at this for being one of my first truly successful attempts at shading, I clearly need to work on the concept a little more. Also, worst of all, is what way the character is facing. The legs? Perfect. They’re definitely around ¾. The forearms, cape, and sword—I believe—all are as well. The rest?
…Not so much. The head doesn’t quite make it to ¾. It’s probably somewhere closer to 7/8. Or somewhere between those two. (13/16?) It’s not the worst offender, though. I can tolerate it, in fact. What I did wrong was the torso. Now, I’m not going to say it’s facing straight. You can tell there is a slight bend to it, but not nearly enough. It’s more like 15/16 than the intended ¾. It’s kinda pathetic, how it makes me think of Egyptian art—you know, head and feet to the side, torso facing front? Well, mine’s not that bad. But it’s close enough to be a reminder.

All in all, I’m decently satisfied with the changes, but I clearly needed to work on him. (I did.) ;)