Comic 57 - Dark Character 1-3

30th Oct 2010, 8:54 PM
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Dark Character 1-3
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Author Notes:

30th Oct 2010, 8:54 PM
This is the first of a series of many of sketches of this character. I believe he's the one who eventually became Steve's older brother in SciFanTerra. Of course, this was before I *knew* this.
The first had curled hair--I like it, but it's not very good for fantasy. I stopped him because he was too small. (There’s a note there which says as much, “Small!”) Once I abandoned him, I set out the dimensions which I was working on, so that I wouldn’t forget. Armored, Longsword, and ¾. I mean, I did get some things right, but he wasn’t good enough.

I did better with the second. However, his head was too large. And the proportions weren’t quite right. The longsword was…too long. I couldn’t figure out a way to draw his left hand, either. All in all, it was a decent attempt, but I couldn’t quite finish it. His hair changed, but I’m not sure if it was a conscious change, a decision, or if I had just accidentally done it and just went along with it. I liked the hairstyle, though! Seemed very "dark".

So, he was getting closer to the titled "Dark character" look. His grin seemed more sinister than an equivalent hero grin. His eyebrows had that villainous slant. No eyes, too, but that was because I couldn't draw eyes at the time well.

On the third, I got one of the best heads I’ve ever made and kept the villainous look perfectly. Although, just to make sure, I added a scar for good measure. I added all the details I wanted to, and got his look down perfectly. The drawing, however, still had its flaws. Mainly, his torso and arms. For example, neither hand is actually gripping the sword—but, hey, that could be fridge brilliance paired with the eyes! MAGIC! :P
Though, the sword was too short for the character’s size.
I was happy with this, but again, it could use some touching up.