Comic 49 - Wolf Avatar Initial

28th Oct 2010, 1:21 PM
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Wolf Avatar Initial
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Author Notes:

28th Oct 2010, 1:21 PM
I need to learn how to draw better wolves. :P
This wolf might look a little human-ish, but I don't really *want* them to look humanish. I want some sort of hybrid between Ferix's wolves and, oh, maybe Ice's and Jimi's wolf pictures? Something like that; I'm not sure. Basically, I want wolves which look nice and are clearly identifiable as werewolves. This one isn't.
Also, my original intent was to have the wolf be in the noose--again due to my lack of artistic skill (particularly on the rope--I am NOT good at drawing rope! >_<), I couldn't. Maybe I should separate the avatar in half? Show the noose in the day, and the wolf in the night?