Comic 292 - Anatomy Practice (One-shot comic) (NSFW)

25th Mar 2014, 8:48 AM in NSFW
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Anatomy Practice (One-shot comic) (NSFW)
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Author Notes:

25th Mar 2014, 8:48 AM
Sorry for the unexpected nudity. I did add the appropriate tag, but I really wanted to show this off. Like...this is probably the best piece of art I've ever made, in multiple ways. Here is the larger size.
(The original sketch can be found here, albeit slightly censored.)

Anyway, while this comic started as an anatomy practice, I'm a storyteller. I couldn't help but create a story for this comic, in this case, by expanding the werewolves' rules.

-As standard, werewolves transform on a full moon automatically.
-Not standard, however, is that they have full control over themselves while transformed...
-...But it's conditional on one factor:
To maintain control of the transformations, a werewolf must transform for two hours each day.

-Maintaining full control induces insomnia in 'wolves, so most 'wolves maintain a semi-lucid state, where the 'wolf is free to roam around, but won't do something like bite a human.

Which often leads to a werewolf waking up in a random location, with only things that they physically attached to their bodies remaining. (Most 'wolves carry something like a phone, strapped to their neck in human form as a necklace and serving as a collar in 'wolf form.)

-One can be born as a werewolf, but only with a 'wolf mother--a werewolf father produces a human. (There's more to paternal werewolf parents' relationships with their children, but I haven't ironed those out.)

-A werewolf will not transform for five months: the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth month of their pregnancy, and the month after that. (Yes, 'wolf pregnancies only last for six months.)

-You can obviously contract lycanthropy through the typical method: being bitten by a 'wolf in werewolf form.

-A 'wolf born as a werewolf enters a 'wolf puberty roughly two to three levels years before their human puberty, where they master their transformation.

-Most "bitten" 'wolves are born from werewolves this way, because of the lack of control.

-However...a CHILD bitten by a 'wolf doesn't transform instantly like an adult bitten would, having the same delay as a born-'wolf does...except their transformation triggers slightly after human puberty, rather than before.

-Transforming is only painful when resisting. Transformations are mostly at will (except the mandatory full-moon), but can be triggered by extreme stress.

-Stress, in this case, is defined as negative stress. Positive stress like happiness, love, and physical activity will not trigger a change, but intense anger/frustration, physical abuse, and, well, stress, will trigger it.

-Werewolves have a torso and arms more like a human's, but their legs, spine, and head are more 'wolf-like. The result is them being both bipedal and quadrupedal, equally moving on two limbs and four.

-Conservation of mass applies for the most part; 'wolves are the same makeup both ways.
-Typically, 'wolves have slender legs and broader arms, thanks to their transformed state having these proportions more naturally.

-Werewolf fur in human form is subcutaneous. As such, they have no hair on their legs/arms/etc., and have either minimal or zero hair in their underarm/pubic areas. (A side-effect of this: they are also prone to overheating.)

-Part of this is also that most 'wolves don't have long hair in human form, because said hair doesn't disappear in 'wolf form, yet can get in the way.

-Werewolf fur does grow, and is often trimmed for comfort--'wolf salons are heaven to them, akin to getting a professional massage with a dash of hair stylist.

-Obviously, most 'wolves have no nudity taboo. However, most 'wolves still wear clothing (in spite of how it can be inconvenient), out of a combination of comfort, style, and social stigma. (Also, clothing allows them to store things safely.)

-This being an urban fantasy setting, 'wolves are commonly known. There's no law against nudity, but it's courteous to not change in public. (Especially since while there's no law against it, there's still plenty of people uncomfortable with it.)

Basically, there's a big difference between transforming in the middle of a park, and transforming in an obscure alleyway--the latter is preferred.

Given that, I hope a few details of the scene come across fairly clearly, with the details of the 'wolves laid out:

*These characters have been friends for a few months--not a long time, but long enough to still be relatively close.

*In spite of their months-long friendship, this is his first time seeing her immediately after her transformation.

*This is something that might be harder to detect, but she was bitten by her adapted older brother when she was a child, meaning she's the type who transformed first a little after puberty began in her--meaning, she knows what it's like to be embarrassed (she had to adapt herself), but is tired of seeing it from others.

*This is something not very clearly shown because I myself am not sure of it. I know I want them to be students, but I didn't decide at what level. I THINK it's at High-School and that they're ~16 years old, but that's not something I'm sure about.

*The stances they're in are meant to convey their overall moods: her stretching means that this is something casual to her, with her eye-roll displaying her annoyance. His turning away when offering the coat is the awkwardness of the situation coming through.

*Because of the lighting, you should be able to tell that this transformation was mid-day. Which means it was triggered by stress.

*The location this is in is supposed to be an alleyway, though admittedly, I went minimalistic on the background.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it!


26th Mar 2014, 1:42 PM
There should be more were-cats out there. Preferably, house cats. >:I

That said, nice wolfie description there.
31st Mar 2014, 9:27 AM
Oh, yes. I actually agree.

And thank you. :)