Comic 257 - Stormy Fighters 2

30th Aug 2012, 7:58 AM
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Stormy Fighters 2
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Author Notes:

30th Aug 2012, 7:58 AM
And here's the second part. The original comic 1 was reenvisioned as a 3-part comic, with the third part mostly being the original first, with some extra.

Specifically, it had a second row.
I never actually digitalized it, so I'd have to find the notebook where I wrote it all--still, though, this is pretty much the direction the comic woulda been going in had I decided to do it, instead of The Descended.

As it is, though--despite me having put in a lot of time--I had put in far more time into The Descended, was far more passionate about it, and saw more potential growth by working on The Descended than on Stormy Fighters.

Plus, The Descended has an ending.

Stormy Fighters does not. It has some plot (not nearly as well defined as The Descended), but not a clear middle or ending.

That does mean when I DO finish The Descended (probably ten or twenty years from now, at this rate :P), though, that this is probably going to be my next webcomic project.

(And, yes, it was meant to be incredibly light-hearted and not entirely taking itself seriously. Nothing wrong with that, though.)