Comic 249 - Meet the Cast Updated

11th Mar 2011, 7:57 PM
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Meet the Cast Updated
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Author Notes:

11th Mar 2011, 7:57 PM
Now, let me explain which of these are to be believed over the others--
By default, assume the sprite-versions are more accurate than the Facemaker versions. Yes, the Sprites are how I envisioned them. Their original character sheets are here. When I get around to updating it, this will be an updated version.

It's a lot of reading, so just check here for an abridged appearance version.

Exceptions to the "Sprite-Version-Is-Better" include possibly the accessories of headbands and earrings--things not included, but which make good inclusions.

Another exception is Tyra--her hair was originally green, but something possessed me to change it to brown. I like it as the green it originally was better, which the FaceMaker had.

Oh, and the character descriptions? Let's just say...they're constantly evolving.