Comic 22 - Flash James

25th Oct 2010, 7:54 PM
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Flash James
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Author Notes:

25th Oct 2010, 7:54 PM
...Or should I say "Flash" James. I made it in Flash, then copied it into Paint. (Guess what happened to the quality as a result? :P) Then had it upload apparently as a JPEG. Then download it, separate it from the Paint half (they were the same picture), and save it like that, then re-upload it...all in JPEG.
Oh, my.

Anyway, some things better, some things worse--the skin tone seemed a bit tan, but realistic. Now, that might seem like a good thing, but I realize it fits Allen's character better than James, who'd be more of the pale-type color seen in paint. His ponytail is way too short. His head still is a little circular, though not as much. It looks like I was *Trying* to make him look like he was in 3/4...but in the attempt, only emphasized that he's not. The shoulders are terrible, and the hands I couldn't get due to Flash's annoying habit of snapping to things, something I never figured out how to turn off.
As with the comparison between the two styles which eventually became The Descended, I like some things better, and some things worse, with the end result probably being a decent mix of the two.
(Though leaning towards the Paint side--Paint I always have access to; Flash was a one-day thing. Okay, closer to one-week thing for this picture, at an hour or two per session. Nothing special.)

Never got around to doing it, of course, because College is the only webcomic with backgrounds, and those take me days to draw even close to accurate. >_<