Comic 21 - James Paint

25th Oct 2010, 7:47 PM
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James Paint
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Author Notes:

25th Oct 2010, 7:47 PM
Small Note: Pretty much everything I've been uploading so far has been a JPEG. So, the quality is poor. The reason why is because these are copied from another place (which apparently auto-converts to JPEG), then copied to my laptop, then re-uploaded, here. That means there's quite the loss in quality, but right now, I don't have access to the computer which has the original files on it. When I do, all of these JPEGs will become PNGs. :)

This image is a character from my...*does a quick count* Two, three, four...ah, fifth webcomic, College!
This was before I learned how to draw in 3/4 perspective, so you can pretty much ignore everything except the face. :P (Alright, the arms are good, and I suppose I could've done worse on the shoulders, but it's very clearly not in 3/4, nor quite a frontal view, so I need to fix it and make him 3/4.)
The face is a bit too round, and the eyes are a bit cartoonish--not that it's a bad thing, but keep in mind, College is supposed to be the most realistic of my comics.